I think everyone is taking the Sherlock theories the complete wrong way…


I don’t think the bike hitting John was organised, I think it was a genuine accident.

I don’t think Sherlock asked John to “keep watching him” to prove that he died or anything like that.

I think Sherlock asked John to keep watching him, so that John could see the trick which would keep Sherlock alive, but when the cyclist hit John, it stopped him from seeing a vital clue into how Sherlock was still alive.

Sherlock didn’t want John to see him die, he wanted him to see him survive.

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Politically Incorrect: UPDATE: Sherlock Fandom I've made a discovery (The Golden Egg)


I was watching Sherlock again, paying attention to everything, trying to figure out how he’s still alive and I ran across this:


Look at his email address… he’s got an actual website, so I went and checked it out and to my surprise I see this:


Look what it says: “brook is…

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